February 8-9 2024

March 7-9 2024

April 4-5 2024

10AM - 3PM

The Villages Golf Festival, 18th Annual Edition, will be a 2-day community-wide event at each of the Championship Golf Shops and the four Practice/Driving Ranges at Lopez Legacy, Glenview Champions, Palmer Legends and the Sarasota Golf Practice Center. It is a fabulous opportunity to come together with family and friends in the fellowship that is Golf. We believe that Golf in The Villages is the perfect sports amenity as it represents and compliments the lifestyle that we as a community work to maintain. Golf is challenging; it is active; it is a game that is meant to be enjoyed outdoors; it is time with friends; it introduces us to new friends; most of all it is a game that creates memories and can be enjoyed for a lifetime.


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Congratulations to our 2023 Passport Winners

Richard Hemphill
Sun Mountain Golf Bag - PL Logo

Harold Schaffer
Sol Caddie, Golf Balls/Tees

Frank Cappucci
Sol Caddie, Golf Balls & Tees

Janet Heitzig
Necklace, Shawl, Socks
& Corkcicle Aerator

Claudia Bak
Pickleball Paddle Bag, Hat, Socks & Shawl

Carol Perorchik
Shawl, Hat & Corkcicle Aerator

William Beck
Golf Buddy Voice se, & Golf Tees

Chuck Puntillo
Golf Buddy Voice se, & Golf Tees

Wayne Moesching
Sol Caddie, Golf Balls/Tees

Sue Poux
Necklace, Earrings, Bag & Corkcicle Aerator

Carol Gannon
Glove & Golf Balls & Tees

Karen Beck
Necklace, Bracelet, Hat & Socks

Vicki Difirado
Hand Warmer

Jerry Hawkins
Sol Caddie, Tees & Corkcicle Aerator

Scott Sellers
Sol Caddie, Tees & Corkcicle Aerator

Christine O'Keefe
Hand Warmer

Mary Berger
Necklace, Earrings, Bag & Corkcicle Aerator

Hal Jones
Glove & Tees

David Hollenbacher
Datrek Golf Bag - The Villages Championship Logos

Ann Bleau
Shawl, Hat & Corkcicle Aerator

Carla Bennick
Glove, Socks and Golf Balls & Tees

Adrienne Madison
Datrek Golf Bag - The Villages/Championship Logos

Tom Beck
Sol Caddie, Golf Balls &Tees

Jim Runnels
Sol Caddie, Golf Balls &Tees

Darryl McRae
Sol Caddie, Golf Balls & Tees

Nancy Thornsberry
Shawl, Hat, Arm Sleeves
& Corckcicle Aerator

Heather Coleman
Necklace, Earrings, Bag
& Corkcicle Aerator

Jeffrey Jolly
Glove, Arm Sleeves &
 Golf Balls & Tees

Becky Fullenkamp
Bracelet, Putter Cover & Corkcicle Aerator

Joseph Reworchik
Sol Caddie, Tees & Corkcicle Aerator


As you are visiting each of the Country Club Golf Shops and The Villages Golf Academy at Palmer Legends/Sarasota, please remember to scan the Digital Passport QR code for an opportunity to win some prizes, including golf bags, GPS units and much more!  Every scan will be an entry into the drawing.  (Hard copy passports are available, if needed, which will require a stamp at each location)

Passport Image Passport Image


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