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What job opportunities do you have?

Open positions vary from week to week and are limited due to our low turnover rate. Please refer to the list of possible positions and read their brief description before determining the position(s) for which you would like to be considered.

What do I need to do to be considered for employment?

Applications must be complete to be considered a valid application for employment. Part of our hiring process includes an employment background check.

Valid applications are thoroughly reviewed to determine if an applicant's employment history, experience, availability, and area(s) of interest will be a good fit with The Villages Golf and Country Club Operations.

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When will I be interviewed?

When a position is available, eligible applicants are randomly chosen that meet the criteria of the position. The hiring Manager determines which applicants will be called for an interview and who will ultimately be hired. Not being selected for an interview or hired for a job, does not necessarily prevent you from having future interviews nor does it put you at the back of the line.

How long will my application remain on file?

Due to the volume of applications we receive, there is no guarantee that your application will make it to any or all of these steps. However, all applications are retained for one year from the application date. Please feel free to call us at any time regarding the status of your application.

Possible Job Opportunities

Open positions vary from week to week. Listed below are the jobs we most frequently fill along with a brief description of the job, and some of the necessary requirements. The list of possible job opportunities is available here.