Executive Course Schedule

The courses on the Executive Golf Trail are open nearly 365 days a year with only a few days scheduled to complete necessary maintenance practices in order to keep the golf courses in as good of shape as possible. We make every effort possible to not close the golf courses during the winter months, when tee times are in high demand.

Tee times begin daily at sunrise with 7:02 a.m. being the earliest time during the summer months and end approximately 30 minutes before dusk. Executive Course Tee Times

During the months from May through September & December, each course closes twice a month, according to the schedule below for maintenance. During the summer months, aerification is planned at least twice on each course, and can generally be expected to occur once early in the summer and again near the end of summer.

During October/November, each course will close for four days to complete the overseed process.

Please refer to Turf Talk for further information regarding schedule maintenance practices.

Course Closures

Routine scheduled maintenance is necessary to keep your executive Golf Trail courses in top condition. Please Review the most recent course shedule using the link below to help you in planning around these closures.
Items in Red = Courses that host Men's & Ladies Days and or Super Seniors (SS).  SS rotate course on Fridays each week.

Click here to view Executive Course Monthly Closures

1. Course closures All Day from May-September & December.

2. Course Closures thru 11:00AM January - April

3. Aerification and Overseed will be scheduled seperately

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