Welcome to The Villages Golf Handicap System. The Villages is a USGA Golf Club with Membership in the Florida State Golf Association. The Golf Handicap & Information Network (GHIN) through the Florida State Golf Association provides USGA handicap indexes.

To ensure the integrity of the handicaps in our community and in accordance with Section 8 of the USGA Handicap System, The Villages Community Handicap Committee was established. The Committee operates independently to fulfill the duties imposed by the USGA Handicap System. This Committee is composed of 2 volunteer representatives from each Country Club and a Chairman. It operates under its own bylaws and procedures, which are posted to this web site.

The USGA system requires that every member report all acceptable scores for handicap calculation personally, or as otherwise authorized by the committee, as soon as possible after the round is played. Scores may be posted at any of the computer stations located in the golf shop of each championship course. Although not the preferred method, an acceptable alternative is to post scores via the internet. There are two websites you can access to do so, FSGA.org or GHIN.com. The golf shop teams are trained to be of assistance if needed. Any posting errors should be immediately reported to one of the golf shop personnel for correction.

The USGA has determined that Handicap Revisions will take place on the 1st and 15th of each month all year long. Handicap Card printers are located at each posting station. You must enter the “History” portion of GHIN to print an updated card. The USGA index on the card will only change on the revision date. The scores on the card will represent the 20 scores that were used to calculate your handicap index. Therefore, it will only be necessary for you to print your card once each period.

A player’s USGA handicap index should reflect potential scoring ability. Section 8-4b of the handicap manual sets forth committee powers to adjust a member’s index; up or down, when circumstances warrant. Examples include failure to post scores or manipulating rounds to influence one’s index. Section 10-3 provides for reduction for Exceptional Tournament Performance (ETP). The committee will provide a list of Village Tournaments counting as tournament scores. A handicap manual is available at each championship course for reference, or one may be ordered from the USGA.

Each championship course will have a location for posting information regarding the system. The committee will post material for assisting members with the correct procedures.

Any violation of the spirit of the USGA Handicap System should be reported to one of the handicap committee members or one of the Championship Courses Golf Professionals or managers for reference to the committee for action. Resolution of Handicap matters is not the function of the Golf Professional or their staff but of the Handicap Committee.

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