Help us keep Glenview beautiful

As we are entering the winter months the Bermuda grass on the golf course will begin to go dormant. During this part of the year the grass has a more difficult time recovering from damage and cart traffic. So we ask for your help in keeping it healthy by doing the following things when out on the course.

•    Observe the 90 degree rule as often as possible. 

•    Keep all 4 tires on the cart path around tee boxes and greens.

•    Try to avoid driving your cart near the edges of bunkers.

•    Keep carts 50 yards from greens, unless you have an active CAP wrap you may drive as close as 30 yards (10 full steps) from the green.

•    Pair up and take only 2 golf carts per group.

Thank you,

Glenview Champions Golf & Maintenance Staff


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