HACIENDA HILLS - Maintenance

Golf course and clubhouse grounds maintenance at Hacienda Hills Golf & Country Club is the responsibility of Down To Earth, Inc., a company based out of Tangerine, FL. With a long history of golf course maintenance, DTE is responsible for several facilities here in The Villages.

Along with the efforts of the Facility Manager and the Golf Course Superintendent, golfers play a large part in determining the condition of our golf course. Proper use of golf cars, in addition to good course etiquette, makes a big difference. Please help us keep your course in the best shape possible by practicing Good Golf and adhering to the following suggestions:

  • Rake All Bunkers After Use & Leave The Rakes Inside The Bunker As Provided

  • Fill All Divots With Complimentary Sand Provided

  • Repair All Ball Marks Left On The Green

  • Observe All Golf Cart Traffic Signs & Restrictions To Protect Turf Conditions

    Hacienda Hills Golf & Country Club along with Down To Earth, Inc., are committed to providing you with the best possible playing conditions, and we thank you for playing your part as we continue to meet that commitment.

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