PALMER LEGENDS - Maintenance


We have some exciting news to share, Riley Grove is being renovated this year.  The renovation includes:  rebuilding the greens (drainage and greens mix) to include re-grassing with Tifeagle Bermuda, re-grassing the fairways with Celebration Bermuda through a no till process, and lastly replacing the sand in the bunkers with G-Angle.  We are also looking at the size, depth and placement of bunkers.  This is a large project, and we are excited to see the end result of our hardwork this summer.  The project started the end of April, and we are looking at a time in October to reopen.  We will not rush re-opening as we want to ensure the turf is ready for play.

Practice Facility

The practice facility will be Mats Only on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday.

Exceptions—weather conditions, maintenance or demo days

The practice facility closes at 4 pm on Saturdays for maintenance.  The facility will reopen on Sunday mornings after maintenance has been completed, typically 8 am.

To MAXMIZE the use of the grass on the practice tee, please place your ball at the grassy back edge of your previous divot, removing just a small portion of grass with each swing.

Please keep in mind all baskets and practice balls are the property of the club.

Routine Maintenance

From October to April, we do not perform any aggressive maintenance.  During these months, we typically may only use a solid tine to break the surface or apply a light dusting of sand to our putting greens.  The focus this time of year is tree work, landscape beds, and normal setup practices.  These practices can include bunker maintenance, moving tee markers, picking up debris, setting hole locations, and mowing greens, tees, and fairways.


We are scheduled for three aerifications this year.  Our first one will take place on June 24th and 25th, our second one is on July 29th and 30th, with our last one on August 29th and 30th.  During all three of these dates, we will be aerifying our greens and tees.  Greens will have a sandy putting surface for about 7 to 10 days after we complete.  On the tees, you will just notice the core we removed from the area.  As for fairways, we are schedule to complete those during the June and July dates but this is subject to change based on weather.  Feel free to reach out to the golf shop if you have any questions.  The number is (352) 753-5300.

Golf Car Use – golf cars must remain on the golf cart paths on all the par 3’s, around tee boxes and around greens.  The 90-Degree rule is in effect regardless of any weather conditions.  The 90-Degree rule asks you to enter the fairway only to hit a shot and then return immediately to the rough.  While in the rough, we ask you avoid heavy traffic areas, easily identified by the off color turf, and any slopes.

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