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New USGA research reveals a formula for improved pace of play, and more importantly, GOLFER EXPERIENCE.  Players have historically assumed the golf course length should be determined by how far you hit your driver, but as you can imagine, variance here is great. When you ask your fellow players, “How far do you hit your driver?” You will get everything from the guy who “averages” 280 off the tee because of that drive 3 years ago that happened to be downhill, downwind, and skipped off the cart path to go 300 yards. Others drastically underestimate their driver length causing the variance to be quite large. But if you ask the same golfers how far they hit their 7 iron, you are likely to get an easy, and much more accurate answer.
This study doesn’t completely agree with the former USGA and PGA of America initiative of “Tee it Forward” but more importantly, to tee it from the correct tee box. Statistics show that drivable par 4’s and short par 5’s are just as much of an issue as much too long, much too difficult holes. The interesting thing about the research is that the findings consistently showed that the most ideal, enjoyable holes are medium par fours where players hit 7 iron into the green.
Check out the table below and see if you are playing from the correct tees and I hope to see you soon at Southern Oaks Golf Club.
Tyler Krager, PGA Professional
Southern Oaks Golf Club

7 Iron Distance    Best Course Length
80 Yards or less    3500 – 3700
Southern Oaks – Friendly Tees    4019
95 Yards    4100 – 4300
Southern Oaks – Green Tees    4746
110 Yards    4800 – 5000
125 Yards    5400 – 5600
Southern Oaks – White Tees    5544
140 Yards    5900 – 6100
Southern Oaks – Blue Tees    6052
155 Yards    6400 – 6600
Southern Oaks – Gold Tees    6512
170 Yards or more    6700 - 6900


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