Friendly Golf Recommendations

Here in The Villages® we think the most important part of the game is having fun!

These are our suggestions for making any casual game of golf enjoyable for every player. Whether you’re an everyday golfer, or just make occasional trips to the greens, these recommendations can be implemented in their entirety, or you and your group can choose certain rules that you feel best fit your game. Regardless of if you play according to the USGA Rules or invoke these “Friendly Golf” recommendations, remember the key is to have fun! We would enjoy hearing your feedback regarding our Friendly Golf Recommendations. Visit our website at or visit your favorite golf shop. These recommendations are not permitted to be used by anyone participating in a tournament associated with The Villages Community or for anyone maintaining a USGA Handicap (the scores are not acceptable for posting). They are not recommended for any golfer wishing to pursue an enhanced playing ability or play following the traditions of the game. They are simply recommendations that may help make the game more fun for the casual golfer and that’s what it’s all about!

Improved Lies & Impeded Swings

We recommend improving your lie in the fairway or rough, as you deem necessary, to give you the best opportunity to hit a great golf shot. This includes moving the ball out of a divot, or away from obstacles (up to 2 club lengths).

Rake &

When you find yourself in a bad lie in the bunker, we recommend lifting the ball, raking the area, and re-placing the ball to its original spot. If one attempt fails to extract the ball, relocate the ball outside the bunker and add a stroke to your score.

Out of Bounds, Lost or Water Ball

If your ball is out of bounds, we recommend proceeding to the approximate point of where it went out, placing a ball within 2 club lengths of that point and adding a stroke penalty. Follow the same procedure for a lost ball or a water ball.


Any putt less than 3 feet in length is considered good with the next stoke.

Tee it

One of the best things you can do to make the game enjoyable is to select a set of tees commensurate with your ability. Next time you play, try moving up a tee and see what happens, you can always move back if you find it too easy!


Use triple bogey (par plus3) as the maximum score on any hole. Pick up after you’ve reached that score.

Download Friendly Golf Brochure (PDF)

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