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The Villages Golf Shop Credit System

What is Golf Shop Credit?

Golf Shop Credit are funds that are awarded to winners of Village golf tournaments, including menís and ladies days. The Golf Shop Credit is intended to replace the prize certificates, which replaced Village Dollars. The funds are held electronically according to the resident golfer ID #, which is the same fashion as the rain check system.

System Guidelines

  • Golf Shop Credit can be used for purchase of merchandise, greens fees, range balls, etc. The only items it can not by used for are tournament entry fees, GHIN handicap fees, or priority membership fees. This is according to the USGA rules of amateur status.
  • Golf Shop Credit is redeemable at any of The Villages Country Club Shops to include Glenview Tennis, Custom Club Shop, and the Golf Academy.
  • Golf Shop Credit is not transferable/non-refundable and can only be used by the owner of the ID card and their spouse (as long as they have the ID card of the owner of the credit).
  • Un-used credits to each account will expire on December 31 the following year from the date of issue.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: If I win money from Menís Day, how long will it take before my credit is posted?
A: Our staff members will have all winnings from any event posted to each winnerís accounts within 48 hours.
Q: Will I be able to check my balance on the www.golfthevillages.com website?
A: Unfortunately not, the only way to check your balance is to stop by or call any of The Villages Country Club Shops to include Glenview Tennis, Custom Club Shop, the Golf Academy and they will be happy to assist you.
Q: Will the golf shop staff know automatically that I have credit like they do with rain checks?
A: No, however, the staff does have the ability to quickly look up your balance.
Q: When will my credit expire?
A: Your credit expires December 31st the following year.
Q: When I redeem credit, how does the system take the credit away? Will it use my latest winnings first?
A: The program will use your earliest credit first and then work its way to your latest credit. This process will allow you to maximize the amount of time of your expiration for each of your individual credit winnings.

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