Championship Course Summer Group Play

Information about championship course group play may be found here.

Championship Course Group Day Schedule Information

Executive Course Summer Group Play

What do I do to enroll my group?

  • First, complete a Summer Group Golf Request Form. The form can either be picked up at the Tee Times Office or on line. Monthly Groups or Weekly Groups (a separate form for each month is necessary) Monthly Group Play Application | Weekly Group Play Application]. Applicants must have a valid resident ID number.
  • Second, make an appointment to register your group with the Tee Times Office at 750-4558 no earlier than January 2nd.
  • Third, your appointment will be set up as early as February. During the appointment the Tee Time office will confirm the information on the form and register your group.

What courses are available?

All Executive Courses.

What size groups are eligible?

Each group must have 32 or more players to participate in group play. Groups of less than 32 players must request tee times through the tee time system.

Whats the earliest time my group can start?

Groups MUST begin between 1:02 pm - 7:00 pm.

How will I know we have a registered Starting Time?

A confirmation letter will be given to you at your appointment.

After I get my confirmation letter whats next?

  • Develop a plan for your group. IE: All members of your group must sign up to play 7 days prior to the date of play.
  • Verify all ID numbers with the ID itself.
  • Complete the Tee Sheet as the players will be paired up on the course.
  • Deliver to or Email your Tee Sheet within 4 business days of your scheduled date of play to the Tee Times Office.
  • All changes must be made through the contact with the Tee Times Office up until the day of play.
  • Keep special formats to a minimum as to not affect the pace-of-play on the course.
  • The Group Manager should arrive 45 minutes prior to the first tee time to revise any changes on the day of play with the starter.
  • All Trail Fees and Guest Greens Fees will be applied.
  • All guests must have guest passes and a photo ID.

The more organized you are the easier it will be to get your group off to a fun time on the course.

What do I do to cancel a Group Starting Time?

Call the Tee Times Office at least 7 days in advance.

What happens if we fail to cancel a Starting Time within 7 days of the play date?

You will lose your groups registration for the remainder of the season.

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