Tee Time System

System Options

  1. To make a request
  2. To verify, change or cancel a request
  3. To reserve an unused tee time
  4. To confirm, change or cancel a tee time reservation
  5. Not Used
  6. For championship mens and ladies day registration
  7. For executive mens and ladies day registration
  8. For system information and help
  9. To change personalized settings

Schedule for Requesting Tee Time

A request can be made up to seven (7) days in advance. The following is a schedule for making a request.

  1. Sunday: You may call the prior Sunday until 12:00 midnight Wednesday.
  2. Monday: You may call the prior Monday until 12:00 midnight Thursday.
  3. Tuesday: You may call the prior Tuesday until 12:00 midnight Friday.
  4. Wednesday: You may call the prior Wednesday until 12:00 midnight Saturday.
  5. Thursday: You may call the prior Thursday until 12:00 midnight Sunday.
  6. Friday: You may call the prior Friday until 12:00 midnight Monday.
  7. Saturday: You may call the prior Saturday until 12:00 midnight Tuesday.

Schedule For Confirming A Reservation

  1. Sunday: After 1:00 a.m. on Thursday
  2. Monday: After 1:00 a.m. on Friday
  3. Thesday: After 1:00 a.m. on Saturday
  4. Wednesday: After 1:00 a.m. on Sunday
  5. Thursday: After 1:00 a.m. on Monday
  6. Friday: After 1:00 a.m. on Tuesday
  7. Saturday: After 1:00 a.m. on Wednesday

Points and Cancellations

Tee times are in high demand in The Villages, especially during the winter months. Therefore it is necessary to set up guidelines that will provide all residents a fair and equal opportunity to obtain tee times. In order to encourage folks to 'play by the rules' it has become necessary to assign cancellation points in certain situations, which are added to the resident's play history. A good example of this would be a resident requesting and securing a tee time and then not showing up to play, letting the tee time go unused. This is not fair to the rest of the residents, and requires the assignment of cancellation points to discourage such behavior. Golfers who have been assigned a reservation through the reservation system will be assessed one (1) standard point, as is the current procedure . The reservation and the cancellation times will determine the number of cancellation points that will be added to your play history. Cancellation points are assigned to ALL 'reserved' tee times as follows:

  • One (1) point for cancelling a tee time prior to the day of play. This point is assigned regardless if the time was acquired via the request or reservation portions of the tee time system. As an example, if someone were to cancel prior to the day of play, they would receive 2 total points (1 Play point and 1 Cancellation point).
  • Two (2) Points for cancelling on the day of play. Note: These cancellation points are in addition to the play point received when obtaining the tee time. As an example, if someone were to cancel on the day of play, they would receive 3 total points (1 Play point and 2 Cancellation points).
  • Reservation Point: The number of reservations a resident has received over the last seven (7) days. This seven-day total includes any bonus or cancellation points and becomes the resident's Reservation History. Reservation Points are awarded to all tee times on the championship courses until 2:00 PM and the executive courses until 90 Minutes before dusk.
  • times that are made on the day of play at the Championship courses will not have a reservation point assigned.  Call the respective championship for availability.
  • Guests are assigned the reservation history status of their resident host.

We realize legitimate situations will arise that will require the need to cancel, however the reason for cancelling does not alter the fact that an opportunity to play may have been taken away from other residents. This fact, coupled with the fact it is not practical to make a definitive determination between legitimate and non-legitimate reasons for the cancellations, requires the need to have cancellation points applied regardless of the circumstances.

Bonus Points

Bonus points are given as an incentive to encourage and reward residents for being flexible in their tee time request. Once you are awarded a tee time, for every hour away from your preferred tee time, you will be awarded one-tenth (.10) of a point and it will be deducted from your play point. For example, if your preferred time is 8:00, and you receive a 10:00 tee time, you will receive .2 bonus points and only receive .8 points for that tee time instead of a full point.

System Abuse

The Villages Tee Time System, as is the game of golf, is built around the integrity of the individual; it is the only game where players call penalties on themselves. Our tee time system is a fair and equitable system for assigning tee times to residents of The Villages. It does, to some extent, rely on each resident using the system in a fair and equitable manner. However, from time to time, we encounter activity that appears to be to the contrary. Some individuals attempt to circumvent the integrity of the system. Whether or not these actions are intentional, it is our responsibility to protect the privileges of all residents by appropriately dealing with the matter. If we encounter such activity associated with a resident's Villages ID#, the resident will be notified of our concern, and appropriate action taken (see the District's golf penalty policy at www.DistrictGov.com), up to and including the suspension of system use and golfing privileges. We, as well as our fellow residents, appreciate everyones fair play.

Multiple cancellations using ghost golfers

Ghost Golfer refers to a Villages ID# which is used to obtain tee times, but is subsequently cancelled, either always or a majority of the time. This type of 'system abuse' will cause the Villages ID# to be de-activated in the system for a period of time. Additionally, the individual making the request, and the golfer who replaces the ghost golfer, may also be subject to de-activation.

Property Points

To ensure equitable distribution of tee times, the concept of property points was created. Property points are essentially reservation points that are associated with each home in The Villages. They are only used when residency changes within a household. This most commonly occurs with people who rent homes or owners returning to their home after renting it out. Homeowners who are acquiring or re-acquiring residency, are assigned the property points associated with this property. This is essentially the last 7 days reservation history of the prior people who resided in the house. The concept was added to ensure each property has the same rights and opportunities to obtain tee times.

Inclement Weather Point Policy

During periods of inclement weather such as high volumes of rain, frost, abnormal cold or extreme wind Golf Management makes a decision whether or not to cancel play.  Fortunately we have very few days during the year when cancellation of play is necessary.  Although the weather patterns in Florida are unpredictable we have to make a decision that is fair and equitable as possible to course conditions, the golfers scheduled to play that day and the residents at large.  Usually the decision to cancel play is made by 7:00 A.M.  Cancellation decisions are communicated as soon as possible on our website GolfTheVillages.com., as well as on WVLG.    We are very sensitive to the fact that cancellation might affect a golfers play history. Following is our policy in regards to Cancellations Due to Inclement Weather:

  • No Point Times  - During periods the golf course is closed for play, no points will be assigned to golfers. This could be due to substantial rainfall, frost, or other extenuating circumstances.
  • Reservation Point Only Times - We realize there are different personal tolerances for cold, wind, rain, etc. When there are clear signs of severe inclement weather, although the golf course remains open for play, only reservation points will be assigned for golfers who wish to cancel.


Course Selection(s)

  • 010 Orange Blossom Hills
  • 011 Tierra Del Sol
  • 018 Hacienda Hills*
  • 012 Hacienda Hills - Lakes
  • 013 Hacienda Hills - Oaks
  • 014 Hacienda Hills - Palms
  • 019 Glenview Champions*
  • 015 Glenview Champions - Fox Run
  • 016 Glenview Champions - Stirrup Cup
  • 017 Glenview Champions - Talley Ho
  • 020 Lopez Legacy*
  • 021 Lopez Legacy - Ashley Meadows
  • 022 Lopez Legacy - Torri Pines
  • 023 Lopez Legacy - Erinn Glenn
  • 024 Palmer Legends*
  • 025 Palmer Legends - Cherry Hill
  • 026 Palmer Legends - Laurel Valley
  • 027 Palmer Legends - Riley Grove
  • 028 Cane Garden*
  • 029 Cane Garden - Hibiscus
  • 030 Cane Garden - Jacaranda
  • 031 Cane Garden - Allamanda
  • 032 Mallory Hill*
  • 033 Mallory Hill - Caroline
  • 034 Mallory Hill - Virginia
  • 035 Mallory Hill - Amelia
  • 036 Havana*
  • 037 Havana - Kenya
  • 038 Havana - Hemingway
  • 039 Havana - Kilimanjaro
  • 040 Bonifay*
  • 041 Bonifay - Destin
  • 042 Bonifay - Fort Walton
  • 043 Bonifay - Pensacola
  • 044 Evans Prairie*
  • 045 Evans Prairie - Killdeer
  • 046 Evans Prairie - Osprey
  • 047 Evans Prairie - Egret
  • 087 Belle Glade*
  • 088 Belle Glade - Tequesta
  • 089 Belle Glade - Seminole
  • 090 Belle Glade - Calusa
  • 094 Southern Oaks
  • * Will search all available nines

  • 048 Gray Fox
  • 049 Red Fox
  • 050 Silverlake
  • 051 Hill Top
  • 052 Chula Vista
  • 053 Mira Mesa
  • 054 De La Vista
  • 055 El Diablo
  • 056 El Santiago
  • 057 Saddlebrook
  • 058 Hawkes Bay
  • 059 Walnut Grove
  • 060 Briarwood
  • 061 Amberwood
  • 062 Oakleigh
  • 063 Pimlico
  • 064 Churchill Greens
  • 065 Belmont
  • 066 Heron
  • 067 Pelican
  • 068 Bogart
  • 069 Bacall
  • 070 Sandhill
  • 071 Turtle Mound
  • 072 Truman
  • 073 Roosevelt
  • 074 Yankee Clipper
  • 075 Southern Star
  • 076 Bonita Pass
  • 077 Redfish Run
  • 078 Tarpon Boil
  • 079 Palmetto
  • 080 Sweetgum
  • 081 Mangrove
  • 082 Volusia
  • 083 Sarasota
  • 084 Escambia
  • 085 Okeechobee
  • 086 Loblolly
  • 091 Longleaf
  • 092 Marsh View
  • 093 Lowlands
  • 101 Richmond
  • 102 Mickylee

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