A fantastic place to enjoy a fun round of golf, Chula Vista is one of the first handful of Executive Golf Courses built in the Villages. Originally constructed in 1993, Chula Vista was completely renovated in 2011 and now offers beginning to intermediate golfers a park-like setting in which to polish their skills while keeping score. The emphasis at Chula Vista is on fun, with a forgiving layout that fosters a relaxing day of golf from the forward and middle tees. Want to kick it up a notch? Play from the tips. It's more challenging. but still a great way to work on your fundamentals while having a great time. Chula Vista is a par 28 golf course that can playas short as 1298 yards and as long as 1507 Yards. Enjoy!

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Yardage: 1298-1507 yds

Level 1

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