Reasonable Accommodation Policies

The Villages welcomes golfers with disabilities. Our courses will make reasonable accommodations to ensure that golfers with disabilities and/or certain medical situations are able to enjoy the courses. Each Championship course has small posts (Deacon’s Beacons) on each side of the fairway indicating golf cars are to go no closer than the post to the green. On the executive courses golf cars, in most cases, are not permitted off the golf car path. If due to a disability or medical condition, a golfer needs additional access to enjoy the game, they have the following two options.

  1. If they wish to use a standard golf car, providing they meet certain medical conditions, they will be allowed closer access to the greens surface than the Deacon’s Beacons on the Championship Courses, and allowed off the golf car paths on the Executive Courses. The golf car must have approved tires. Agronomic conditions will dictate how much daily access can be granted, however, in no case will golf cars be allowed closer than 15 ft from the greens or tee surfaces. Golf cars will not be allowed off the path on days holes are designated “cart path only” due to wet or other agronomic conditions. While we won’t deny this accommodation to anyone who requests it on the day of play, due to their disability, as a convenience to the golfer, we offer an advanced procedure allowing the golfer to avoid the necessity of requesting this each time they play. We recommend this for all residents who are seeking such permissions on a routine basis. Please download the reasonable accommodations application or contact Country Club Administration (753-3396) for further details.
  2. If a golfer needs greater access than available in option 1, such as driving onto or near the greens and tees, a “single rider golf car” must be used. Each Championship golf course has single rider golf cars available for use on the Championship Courses or the Executive Courses. In addition, Golfers are welcome to use their own single rider golf car, provided the golf car is golf industry specific for this purpose, and will not cause undue damage to the golf course. Single rider golf cars are allowed anywhere on the golf course, with the exception of bunkers, including on the greens and tees, provided they do not cause damage to the golf course. Single rider golf cars will be allowed off the paths on holes that are designated golf car path only as long as no damage is caused to the golf course. We recommend if you intend to rent one of our single rider cars to reserve it in advance (by calling the applicable golf shop); otherwise no advance notification is required for option 2.

Download The Villages Reasonable Accommodations Application

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