Common Course Etiquette

  • Play Ready Golf. Ready Golf is a method of play suggested, unless in competition, for speeding up play on a course.
  • Avoid distracting the other players. No one should move, talk, stand close to, or directly behind the ball or the hole when a player is addressing the ball or making a stroke.
  • Please do not step in the putting line of another player when on the green to prevent indentation in the line of the intended putt.
  • Please lay the flagstick down carefully so no damage is made to the putting green.
  • Players should play without delay in the interest of all golfers on the course. When the play of a hole has been completed, players should immediately leave the putting green.
  • Please never play a ball from the yard of a resident. It is also appropriate to report any damage of private property to the homeowner. We ask that you never retrieve your ball from a residentís property.
  • Playing is strictly prohibited beyond the property line of our resident homes, even if not designated by white Out-of-Bounds stakes.
  • Please limit practice to designated areas. Visit one of the practice greens or golf ranges in The Villages to work on your game.
  • Practice is prohibited on the golf course.
  • Please avoid playing more than one ball on any hole.
  • Please use receptacles provided for trash and do not discard cigarette butts on the course.

Leave The Course Better Than You Found It!

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