Golf Terminology

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  • ace - A hole-in-one. You get to buy a round of drinks for the house.
  • address - When you get ready to hit. You lay the clubface square to the ball. You then address (tell the poor golf ball) that your not going to kill him, cut him, skull him, or blade him. You're only going to spank him like you would a baby's behind. Nice and easy and promise not to call him a S.O.B. after.
  • airball - Your swing missed the ball! Your nerves got the best of you. If it happens again spend some time with a PGA pro.
  • albatross - British term for double eagle, or three under par on one hole. Will never happen in your lifetime.
  • amateur - Someone who plays for fun ó not money.
  • angle of approach - The degree at which the clubhead moves either downward or upward into the ball. A severe test of agility.
  • approach - Your shot to the green made from anywhere except the tee. Sounds dangerous; really isnít.
  • apron - The grass around the edge of a green, longer than the grass on the green but shorter than the grass on the fairway. Or what I wear to barbecue in.
  • attend - To hold and remove the flagstick as a partner putts, usually from some distance.
  • away - Term used to describe the ball farthest from the hole and, thus, next to be played.

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