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In an effort to continue to provide the best quality golf courses possible, The Villages has implemented a guideline pertaining to tires that are allowed on the golf courses. This went into effect July 1, 2006. With the popularity of street-legal vehicles, the intention of these guidelines is to protect the conditions of the golf courses by having the golf cars use tires safer for turf use.

Below are the specifications used to determine the eligibility of the tire:

  • The manufacturer of the tire must refer to the tire as a "golf course tire".
  • The tire must have a rounded vertical tread with a maximum depth of inch.
  • The total width must be a minimum of 8 inches.
  • The tire pressure must not exceed 28 psi.

Golf cars that do not have the approved tires will not be allowed on any of the Championship Courses in The Villages. If a golfer only plays courses on the Executive Golf Trail, they will be allowed to use their cars, but will be restricted to paths only. All golfers with a reasonable accommodation card must have their tires on the approved list.

There are two lists of tires which have been approved during the inspections. One list is for tires approved for all four wheels and the other list is for tires approved for the use on the back wheels only. If there is a tire that is not on either of the approved lists, please call Brady Godfrey (Mallory Hill CC, 753-3730) and make an appointment to see if the tire may be approved.

[ Approved Tire List ]

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