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What costs are related to playing on the Executive Golf Trail?

Green fees on the executive courses are free for residents. A trail fee is required for use of a golf car on the courses and may be paid per round, semi-annually or annually. The fee is required for each person in a golf car. The trail fee is $4.00 per person for each round played. Members of a household may purchase a six-month trail fee for $105.93 with tax and a yearly trail fee is available for $141.24 with tax. There is no charge to resident or guests for walking.

Annual and semi-annual trail fees for use on the Executive Golf Trail may be paid at any regional recreation center (Paradise, La Hacienda, Savannah, Mulberry Grove, Laurel Manor, Lake Miona, Colony Cottage, SeaBreeze, Eisenhower, Rohan and Fenney ). Click here to download the Trail Fees flyer.

Trail fee expiration information can be found using the tee time reservation system under Option 9 and entering “2” to hear membership information. This information can also be accessed via the “change personalized settings” link within www.TheVillages.net Tee Time System.

A green fee is required for guests to play golf. The fee ranges from $7.00 in the months of May through October and $11.00 from November through April. Guests are obligated to pay an additional $4.00 trail fee, unless they are walking, regardless of whether the sponsoring resident has a paid trail fee or not.


Golf car guidelines on the course

Holes on the Executive Golf Trail are primarily par three. On these holes golf car traffic is required to remain on the path at all times with no exception. However, the Trail also features several par four holes where golf cars may leave the paths under normal conditions. Traffic may be restricted based on conditions which may damage the turf.


Golf car rentals for use on the Executive Golf Trail

Golf cars may be rented from any country club for use at an executive course. It is recommended to seek out the closest club to the course one wishes to play. Please see page 18 of Good Golf Guide for Recommendaions. Rental of the golf car is for golf course use only and must be returned to the country club upon completion of play.

Cart Rentals 9 Holes $6.00 18 Holes $12.00

*Costs are per person.
The per round trail fee of $4.00 will be applicable for guest or residents without annual trail fees.


Men's and Ladies Day

Tuesday is Men's Day Wednesday is Ladies' Day at the following courses:

A golf scramble is fun recreation and a great way to meet friends. Residents over the age of 45 in The Villages of all skill levels are welcome to join in the fun.

Registration to play may be done through the Tee Time System, either by telephone or utilizing www.TheVillages.net. . Men may register Tuesday through Thursday to play Tuesday of the following week. Ladies may register Tuesday through Thursday to play Wednesday of the following week. An entry fee of $2.00 is paid at the time of play. Payment must be in the form of cash.

Format for play is Select-Shot Scramble with teams randomly paired each week. Starting of play is organized into Shotgun Starts throughout the day on each respective course. To help ensure an enjoyable experience, please review the rules and information brochure.

Those who make a reservation for the following week may view the pairings and starting times displayed at the respective starter shed by Saturday at noon for both men and Ladies of the week prior to the play day. Pairings may also be viewed at Executive Golf Trail Pairings.

Prize money is awarded in golf shop credit and is paid for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place teams from each flight.

Learn more about the The Villages Golf Shop Credit System


Turf Talk


Weather Delays on the Executive Golf Trail

Unfortunately we are not able to recover tee times lost due to weather delays such as fog, rain, or frost. However, we do make every effort to get golfers on the course (where possible) when conditions permit. In the case of a frost delay, we will begin tee times at the time when the frost delay is lifted.


The Executive Golf Trail Scramble

Held in September, the Scramble is the premier event of the calendar each year on the Executive Golf Trail. This annual charity event has raised thousands of dollars since its inception in 2000. In 2005, the event raised $7000.00 towards supporting Operation Shoebox and the Red Cross Hurricane Katrina Relief. The tournament is a 36-hole scramble format event designed to include players of all skill levels.


Rental Golf Clubs

Each golfer on the executive courses is required to be equipped with a set of golf clubs. Sharing of clubs is not permitted due to pace of play concerns. Clubs may be rented for use from any country club facility for use on any executive course.

The cost of Rental Clubs for 9 Holes $12.50 and 18 Holes $25.00


Super Seniors Executive Golf

The Villages hosts Super Seniors Executive Golf year round. You must be at least 70 years of age. It is a mixed gender event with a 4 person scramble format. You dont need to have a partner in order to sign up. The event is rotated between four courses every Friday. Turtle Mound hosts the 1st Friday,  El Santiago hosts on the 2nd Friday, Churchill Greens hosts on the 3rd Friday and Silverlake hosts the event on the fourth Friday of each month. For months that have 5 weeks, the 5th week there is no event. You can register 5 to 7 days in advance, Friday through Sunday. Pairings are made Mondays available on Tuesdays. Registration can be made using option 7 on the phone system or the Executive Tournament drop down option through thevillages.net.


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