Making Tee Times

Tee Time System

System Options

  1. To make a request
  2. To verify, change or cancel a request
  3. To reserve an unused tee time
  4. To confirm, change or cancel a tee time reservation
  5. Not Used
  6. For championship mens and ladies day registration
  7. For executive mens and ladies day registration
  8. For system information and help
  9. To change personalized settings

9 - To change personalized settings

  1. Dial 753-GOLF (4653).
  2. Enter your golfer ID number.
  3. Enter your PIN number.
  4. Enter “1” for golf options, “2” for tennis options.
  5. Enter “9” to change personalized settings.
  6. Please enter your current PIN number.
    • Enter “1” to change your PIN number.
    • Enter “2” to hear your membership information.
    • Enter “*1” to return to the main menu.
    • Enter “*9” to disconnect immediately

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